Who we are?


NorCal Holding Company began as a compliance services company, dedicated to helping clients get licensed and stay in compliance with the changing local and state regulations. While working with clients, our Founders noticed that there was no regulation in the marketplace, that there was no platform for communication or any easy way for businesses to have surety of supply or demand. In addition, Businesses have no way to put their profits into the banking system, making it difficult to gain access to capital. There is an undeniable, pressing public need for a solution.

When NorCal couldn’t find the solution, we set out to create it!

OUR Services


We focus on testing and distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, packaging and retail.

Banking Services

The portal for compliance, Banking opens the doors to Industry Standards, investor capital and much more.

Supply Chain

Distributors and NorCal Account Executives directly service clients needs, with ‘Seed to Bank’ solutions.

Commodities Exchange

With central hubs for safe commodities exchange, our marketplace is changing the way companies buy & sell.

Ancillary Services

Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Equipment Leasing, Financial Services, Payroll and beyond.


Reasons to choose us

  • Our Compliance Funnel is based on relationships with partners at every stage in the cannabis industry Supply Chain. From Genetics to Banking, NorCal’s platform provides clients with the opportunity to maximize profits while minimizing risk.
  • Licensing & Compliance: By bringing compliance to the industry, NorCal offers what will be a Certification that will keep our clients abreast of the ever changing landscape of cannabis industry legislation and regulations.
  • ICS - FDIC Insured Banking Solution: From federal background checks to forensic accounting & legal compliance, our banking system ensures that compliant companies have affordable access to the banking system and all the benefits it provides.
  • Synchronized Supply Chain: With strong relationships in the industry, NorCal offers companies the ability to standardize business practices. Platform members have the ability to proactively cultivate assured supply and demand via contract.
  • Seed to Consumer Distribution: Distribution companies and Account Executives, operating under the NorCal umbrella, are able to offer value-added services beyond transaction processing. As the front line of the marketplace, they bring value to Licensees through ancillary services that compliment clients’ business development needs.